Pinus nigra kolektor / nastavak

Sam sebi sada ne vjerujem, što sam sve kolektirao... Naravno, brinut ću se i o ovom primjerku... već sad me iznenadio, nakon smještanja u novu posudu...

2 komentara:

  1. hola
    a good styling out of a boaring pinus ... i always have the same problems with not so exellent pinus yamadori to see where is the best charakter to style . you did it well and i think it will get a good tree in the future ... a well shaped bunjingi

  2. The tree is kolekting at the time when I had very little experience with yamadori. I'm not sure what I saw in him! I served for some techniques and education. Good response tree and collected experiences, led to this. It never will be a great tree, but could be an interesting bonsai. Thank you!