Pinus mugo Nestašni

Uz Zagija, ovo mi je drugi najdraži, prekrasan pokret i odlična kombinacija jin/jang koja će zablistati već nakon prvih zahvata u idućim godinama...

2 komentara:

  1. hallo my friend mario,
    i dont know why but my dashboard didn't show me your new posts for a while ... so i couldn't see what stunning mugos you postet. I cant always repeat ... you guys can be envied for that stunning material. In a few years this will get great trees. On the pictures one can't imagine what hight that trees have and what diameters. Respekt !!! ;-)
    I hope there are trees for me for trade ... you know ;-)
    Cross fingers that every single tree will suvive and develope well ... you have deserved it ;-)

  2. Of course, we will find the trees for trade for you, friend;)