Prvih 100-tinjak yamadoria

Moj yamadori kutak u svemiru...

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  1. wouh ...wouh ...wouh... i am totaly impressed and beaten by these wonderfull yamadoris ...
    yes ...you are really the yamadorimaster !!!
    super trees ...respekt for all this !!
    have fun with them ;-)

  2. Anonimno24.4.09

    hi mario, very nice collection. Croatia is quite hot and sunny place in summer. Are you going to use any kind of shading or sun protection for yamadori?

  3. Thanks Maros,
    Croatia has a USDA zone of 9-6, I live in USDA 7th Deciduous protecting network for shade, and not protecting conifer. On the photos you do not see the network, because now there is no strong sun.